About JULIACKS: Trans-media Fine Art Director, Writer, Producer, & Creator of Film, Comics, Performance Art & Theatre
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JULIACKS creates narrative universes using the mediums of collaborative filmmaking, multi-media performance installations, comics and theatre.

The works are about transformation through loss, where the psychology of the character is represented in the physical world.

In her performances, films and events she creates situations where different ideas, people and thoughts collide to make narrative constructions.

In some kind of real world her stories evolve using the elastic qualities of memory and imagination, enabling the manipulation of time, place and character.

Her stories touch upon social-cultural issues such as the construction of both conflict and memory, the denial of death, the relativity of insanity, loss of memory (dementia) and the plight of the ill and the elderly.


I was born almost in a taxi eventually in California. We lived in Loz Feliz until the age of four.
Was lied to about having Celiac's disease.
Moved to Munich Germany and lived there until the age of 9.5. First strong bicycle memories.
Moved to Teaneck, New Jersey for one year. Cats. i was all about the cats. and french fries.
Moved to Princeton, New Jersey. I grew up in a duplex.
Pittsburgh was a candyland with grey skies.
I moved to Los Angeles, caught in an innertube.
Figuring out forests in Finland,
I moved to Sweden-the fancy cobblestones broke my schlepping cart.
Now France is my base, a hopping boomerang seeking