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Domino Books and Austin English newcomicspublisherbuddya

Amour&Discipline gift economy for music, and all other downloadablefutures

k u t i k u t i finnishcomicscollective

Ptarmigan Pittsburgh/Australia TRANSPLATED ORG OF Super

Dinosauruxia Where are the musical girls at? FINLAND!

Nattlek Productions-Film productioners who like hot dogz

Spill Collective Australian Performance Mates Yowzer

Encyclopedia Destructica Handmadebookartprintsweetstuffs

Gallery 3H+K Pori, Finland-Scenesters, Nudists, Rawkers

Unicorn Mountain comic and music anthology

Article: Art and the Imaginative Promise

Sparkplug Comics publish neato comics

Open Thread New Pittsburgh Lit awesome papery thing

Paper Kills Trees Sweet art blog and zine creator.

The Copacetic Comics Company Pittsburgh Best

HighandLow Comics Critique by Robert Clough. He reads everything, with pizazz and erudition.

Size Matters: Mini Comics Blog by Shawn Hoke

ClosedCaptionComics MICA wunderkids

The New Yinzer online literary pittsburgh mag

Ridge Theater multi media theater combines drawins + contemporary composers

Jog the Blog comics reviews

The Original Pitt art mag, pretty pictures, colorrrsssss ya!

École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon post-diplôme program whereIbechillworkfabricatin2011

The Royal Academy of Fine Art-Sweden Ichillinworkin2010

The Theater Academy in Finland whereIchillinstudyworkin2009

Fulbright Institute of International Education is a good entity.

The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom-because women should have equal standing in all systemic processes including negotiating those peace treaties and those movements out of them.

Culture Project not afraid of political emotions



Kathleen Amshoff Swell Directrice of theatre uknowit

Clara Bessijelle Johansson victorian hand made jätta bra


Tara Pattenden-Fail Costumes of Wonder, sound, +pertyfull

Ben Bigelow video performance wacko wolfman.

Jesse McManus Gypsum compadre+comics!

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John Hankiewicz really great comics, mini comic fave.

Sari TM Kivinen She gots lotsa Sass. i think.

Michelle Fried Stomache Trouble Video!

Michael Mallis video and animation evolutionary biologist

Jone Takamäki the 8fold path with the shokohachi flute!

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Lille Carre comics laday = super

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Maxfield Hegedus Da silliest around. PHOTO YES

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Lowry Burgess levitates

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Jan Descartes drawinzing feminista

Eileen Maxson is going to Amsterdam

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Jacob Ciocci has a last name sounds like eating peanuts

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