Nov 28, Lyon, France
Néon Gallery, Nuit de resonance, Lyon Biennale

Film & performance installation

Winnipeg Whistles Infinite

A cinematic opera/sound score by Juliacks

at Néon Gallery: 41 rue Burdeau 69001 Lyon


in resonance with the Lyon Biennale of Contemporary Art

Watch this space, more info coming soon!

Nov 14-18, London, UK, Nov 29-Dec 1, Porto
London & Porto Underground Film Festivals
Gotland & the Infinite Whistle screens in London and Porto this November. I will be there for the London screening!
Nov 1, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
ANTIMATTER Media Arts Festival

Part of a screening called, "Line Describing Your Mom,"

Gotland & the Infinite Whistle screens at DELUGE Contemporary Art with the following artists:

Kate McCabe, Kadet Kuhne, Yael Bridge, Freya Bjôrg Olafson, Lori Felker, Drumcell & The Automatic Message, Michael Robinson.

October 5-10, 2013 Paris, France
SERENDIP.LAB FESTIVAL: Crack Comics Exhibition

For the month of October, I'll be in Paris in a residency at Entreprise Culturelle. During my stay I'll be exhibiting at the SERENDIP. LAB FESTIVAL in the group show, Crack Dirompenti Fumetti, featuring artists who have exhibited at the legendary comics festival over the past ten years.

The SERENDIP.LAB FESTIVAL spans 4 buildings.

We'll be in the Bloc.


crack@serendip Crack n'est pas qu'un festival de Bande Dessinée indépendant c'est aussi une expérience et un engagement, pour repenser un événement comme une ligne politique où artistes et public se retrouvent, créant de nouvelles stratégies de production artistique, et de relations sociales." La salle d'exposition du Bloc sera investie avec les œuvres des artistes internationaux qui participent chaque année et forment ainsi le réseau vivant de cette immense communauté créative.
Aug 12-25, Lyon, and the French Alps, France

We did it! In a 10 day shoot with a helluva schedule, a cast and crew of 30 people hailing from all over, principal photography was completed for the nucleus of the project, Architecture of an Atom.

See making of-production photos here.



The image to the right is a production still from a 5 a.m. shoot.

July 8-28, 2013 Southampton, New York, USA
20/20/20 Southampton Arts Killer Filmmaking Program

One of eighteen filmmakers chosen for the inaugural fully funded 20/20/20 digital filmmaking program directed by Christine Vachon, in a packed 20 days I attended master classes, crewed on and created 18 films while preparing for the big film shoot of the principal storyline of Architecture of an Atom in Lyon, France.

Southampton Arts with generous funding from Dorothy Lichentenstein co-produced the film, Old Man Carmentine (Southampton, Brooklyn, Washington Heights and the Infinite Whistle), which is part of my current transmedia story, Architecture of an Atom.

This film is part of the Infinite Whistle series while also revealing a back-story of one of the main characters from the principal storyline of Architecture of an Atom, played by yours truly.

This summer was intense.


July 5, 2013 Brooklyn, New York, USA
Brooklyn, Washington Heights & the Infinite Whistle

In response to the play, Barbarous Nights' Buster Keaton character, Lichens and Juliacks have devised a 1920's sound score installation that involves the participation of the audience to record a soundscape to Juliacks' 2012 film "Washington Heights and the Infinite Whistle," starring Sam Creely as the Infinite Whistle, shot with 8mm, co-produced by Sam Creely and Tony Groutsis. This film takes place on a rooftop on the very upper west side of Manhattan. The wanderers on this precipice strive to obliterate the thing that drives them.

The masked character-the Infinite Whistle acts as a magnetic queen bee-the center for milk, honey and big apples. More info on the play, and tickets to see Barbarous Nights and this performance are here: barbarousnights.net

June 11, 2013, Winnipeg, Canada
30 Years of Video Pool Screening
Rome and the Infinite Whistle has been selected by curator Tom Kohut for the screening on June 11th at the Winnipeg Cinematheque, that will look at work that has come into the Winnipeg Video Pool collection over the last ten years.
1-8 June 2013, Leiden, The Netherlands
“Gotland & the Infinite Whistle“ (Juliacks) has been selected for the 5th edition of the Leiden International Short Film Experience. The film is part of the official selection, it will be screened as part of one of their special events (Film & Art) during the festival week and compete for the audience award. The full list of selected films can be found on our website www.lisfe.nl.
May 23, Lyon, France
Architecture D'un Atome Présentent un Raout

L'équipe d'Architecture d'un Atome and friends, (Grrrndzero, Néon et plus) présentent un Raout Tendu en soutien au projet de long-métrage Architecture d'un Atome.


PROGRAMME !+ HEADWAR - noce noise VALÉRIE MASSADIAN - film à manier avec précaution GAMMY BIRD - prockop virale LILLI CARRE - JEAN KOKO - un dancefloor meilleur + RAPHAEL DEFOUR - long romantic satire + LYON SIFFLET INFINI - film audio performance fantôme + TCHIVETT & GUEST - surprise danse improv DJ DOVECAKE - shake your dance heiny! DJTAL HUMAIN + STEVEN & STEVEN & STEVEN - doom nerds

May 15-June 12, Paris, France
Salon De Montrouge
ANdEA has selected Rome & the Infinite Whistle to be exhibited as part of their video programming at the Salon De Montrouge exhibition. romefilmstill
May 6, 2013, the internet  


The Infinite Corpse of Comix is released on the internet. Check out this twisty tale of 200 contributers!



March 18, 2013, the internet

In the process of casting the fictional feature film, Architecture of and Atom, I made a music video for the New York/Lyon based musician HAPPY NEW YEAR.

The music video premiered on the Adhoc blog.

Jan 20, Malmö, Sweden
Moderna Museet, THE SUPERSURREALISM exhibition

Architecture of an Atom: The Infinite Whistle Series
A performative cinematic contemporary art opera

Entering a fictional realm, one confronts the limits of control as a viewer and participant in the subjective and inaccurate social experiment that is the Infinite Whistle series. You – an adult child, move into an abandoned pool. You – a stateless person, are given a real, important document and will only be allowed inside for one act out of three. There will be tasks, open mouths, wide eyes. You will have the choice of participating in creating a score for the performance. There will be dissonance and harmony. There might be pleasure.

This performance features a live sound score by Gaerra (Malmö), & Family Underground (Copenhagen) and the audience. Amager Whistle features Malmö-based cartoonist Kolbeinn Karlsson and was filmed by visual the Mikael Lindahl, Malmö. Pre-recorded music by MAG (Gothenburg), Manuel Cascone (Italy), the musicians Roy Boswell, Sanna Lehto, Julian Parker, Emilia Pennanen, and Jone Takamäki (Finland). The performance is a part of the exhibition THE SUPERSURREALISM. The performance is presented at the Loading Dock 20 January at 6, 7 and 8 pm. Limited seating - book your tickets now: info.malmo@modernamuseet.se

Nov 7-Dec 12 Winnipeg, Canada
Atomic Center, Manitoba Printmaker's Association, & MAWA

Juliacks will be in a residency produced and hosted by the Atomic Center, the Manitoba Printmaker's Association and MAWA.

Nov 9-11 SWELL Play at Atomic Center directed by K. Amschoff with Assistant Directing/Design by Sam Creely
Dec 7 TALK at MAWA
Dec 8 & 9 Film Shoots on 35mm for the film, "ARCHITECTURE OF AN ATOM"!!!

Nov 3 Lyon, France
Megaboom: Lyon Sifflet Infini Sound Score Performance

Lyon Sifflet Infini Sound Score performance with Agathe Max, Roman Cordova, House of John Player and Davy Fournier.

As part of an evening produced by GrrrndZero

in support of the film

Architecture of an Atom.

Sept 7-Nov 25 Lyon, France
Julien CREUZET, Zhenqian HUANG, Monica RESTREPO, JULIACKS et Xavier STENTZ. Réunis au sein du post-diplôme 2011/2012 de l’ENSBA Lyon, ces cinq artistes seront signataire d’un contrat qui les unira à 360m³ pour une durée de trois mois. Ils présenterons, dans des espaces communs, l’ensemble des oeuvres produites pendant cette période ainsi que les documents relatifs à leur recherche. Chaque artiste interviendra au cours d’une soirée pour animer une rencontre avec le public. CDD: Contrat A Duree Determinee
(French: Fixed Term Contract)
Sept 7-9 Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki Comics Festival

Juliacks will be exhibiting at the Helsinki Comics Festival from Sept 7-9.

Sept 8th She will be doing a screening of her films at KIASMA with a sound score performance at the finale for the film,
"Vantaa and the Infinite Whistle" with the musicians:
Jone Takamäki, Emilia Pennanen & Sanna Lehto (Dinosauruxia), Julian Parker and Roy Boswell-(sound designers, actors and musicians from the film, "Invisible Forces.")

Vantaa and the Infinite Whistle is the story about a group of dead mermaids who leave the lake to become soldiers of the forest. Their food and bounty is the Infinite Whistle, who with craft escapes their designs. Starring and co-produced by performance artist, Sari TM Kivinen as the Infinite Whistle, this project was shot with 8 mm film. Sari TM Kivinen will be in the house for the premiere of this film.

August 29-Sept 2 Copenhagen, Denmark
ALT_CPH 2012

Amager And The Infinite Whistle
SUNDAY 02.09.12 12.00-14.00 JULIACKS shoots the short film “Amager and the Infinite Whistle” starring Malmö based comics artist Kolbein Karlsson as the Infinite Whistle over the course of the Alt_Cph Art Fair with Swedish artist Mikael Lindahl as cinematographer.

From the 29th-1st she will be conducting interviews and making hand puppets with fair participants that will then appear in the epic film shoot on Sept 2 from 12h-14h using artists from the fair and the audience as performers in a fight between a windmill and a tin soldier.

August 4, Lyon, France

samedi 4 août, de 16 à 22h, pour : un peu d'exaltation au milieu du néant de l'été, avec : des effets d'annonce des bds des mélanges de couleurs des performances des concerts des projections des liquides et des solides comestibles d'autres trucs imprévisibles.

Néon Diffuseur D'Art Contemporain is the producer for Juliacks' next film, Architecture of an Atom.
BOOM ZERO occured to announce the fact:
The following performances occured to help make the film happen:

Anna Barie et Delphine Passadori::: Mechfood with Johaness Buff
Quentin Mo Moussi
House of John Player
Tchivett "Derm" (perf danse)

Merci/Thanks To Everyone who performed and came along!

Thanks to the organizers: Julie Rodriguez-Malti, Florian Micheli, Louisa Degommier, Delphine Passadori,

June 20-24, Rome, Italy
Crack Comics and Art Festival.
June 24th, Film Projection and Live Score Participative Performance devised by Juliacks, with sound/performance by Manuel Cascone, the Audience and Juliacks.
Starring Bipede as the Infinite Whistle, directed by Juliacks, written by Juliacks and Amy Johnson, Shot by Amy Johnson and edited by Juliacks.
April 29, Stockholm, Sweden

The Serieteket at the Kulturhuset, Juliacks and Isabella Rodriguez of Nattlek Productions team up to bring you the premier of Gotland and the Infinite Whistle at the International Stockholm Comics Festival.

Graphics, imaginary worlds and situations collide in this screening with films by comics and contemporary artists Dunja Jankovic, Joakim Ojanen, Peter Burr, Peter Larsson, Jim Duesing and Lilli Carre.

Gotland and the Infinite Whistle is the culmination of the film shot last summer at Almedalen Week in Gotland that was supported by the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, FilmCentrum Stockholm, FilmProduktions Gotland, and Nattlek Film Productions. The sound score was recorded in a live performance with MAG, the audience and Juliacks at an event produced by GRRRNDZERO in Lyon, France on February 10th.

Starring Josefin Alfredson Agnestig this film shows the de-evolution of the fantasy group mind in and around the totem-The Infinite Whistle.

This is the first film completed in this series of films globally 'shot' that make up the project of Architecture of an Atom.

MARCH 15-APRIL 6, New York, New York.

Culture Project Presents at Women Center Stage Theatre Festival
SWELL the play
Thursdays + Fridays at 7:30PM
March 15-April 6
Featured on the Huffington Post
Featured on the New York Times
Based on the graphic novel by Juliacks
Adapted by Juliacks and Kathleen Amshoff and The Company
Directed by Kathleen Amshoff
Starring Emma Galvin, Eija Ranta, Katey Parker and Dan Vidor
Video Design by Jared Mezzochi
Lighting Design by Jeanette Yew
Set Design & Prop/Musical Inventions by Damon Pelletier
Set and Architectural Design by Taryn Humphrey
siteworks-Applied Theatre Workshops by J'nelle Bob-Semple
Costume Design by Juliacks
Stage Management by Kaitlin Kaufman
Assistant Directing by Sam Screely
For more information go to:
Order the book here!




MAG of Sweden!

PLUS: She and I are doing a film installation performance that is also a live score recording for the film, "The Infinite Whistle" that was shot in Gotland this past summer.
Get ready for langue-doc participation, garbage costumes, friendly fire.



HOQUETS-RNB/FUNK/SONG/N’IMPORTE QUOI with recuperated instruments- BELGIUM

-"Art must be serious"

DEC 3, 4, 9 Brooklyn and New Jersey

Dec 3 Exhibitor at Brooklyn Comics Festival with books-Invisible Forces, Swell, Prints and a new mini comic!

Dec 4 Pictures and Performance: A Melodrama 3:00 pm at the Brick Theater / 575 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn / FREE
Are static, two dimensional picture sequences and live, three dimensional performance pieces irreconcilable media, or are they actually star-crossed lovers, desperately longing for a reunion following centuries of tragic separation? Join us for a special afternoon of mixed-media pieces by Peter Burr, Juliacks, Bill Kartalopoulos, Ben Katchor, Shana Moulton, R. Sikoryak and Matthew Thurber, presented in a framework suggested by Josef Franz van Goez’s Lenardo und Blandine, an 18th century German melodrama that was visually transcribed to create — the first graphic novel?

With Kathleen Amshoff and Wolfgang Till-we present an excerpt from the theatrical performance art adaptation of the comic, Swell at the Brick Theatre.

Dec 9 Comics, Films, Music FreeforAll — 8 Comics Artist, Filmmakers & Musicians from NY, NJ, and Sweden.
Labyrinth Books and Juliacks Present: an evening of frenetic free energy, ideas, and images.

Ben Katchor -- Comics! Theatre! Respect!
Austin English -- Dominoe Books - Comics! Independent Publisher of Art Comics!
Clara Johansson -- (Sweden) Comics! Drawings!
Peter Larsson -- (Sweden) Stop-motion independent filmmaker, comics and illustration.
Kathleen Amshoff -- Interdisciplinary theater director of Texas/NYC
Juliacks of Princeton -- Comics! Films!
HOME BLITZ of Princeton, New Jersey. !!!!!
...all in one night...

This book-centered event opens the pages of books, comics, and drawings and shows what happens when ideas merge into one evening of gadzsks.

Search Party Oct 30
Marfa, Texas. Ballroom Marfa & Marfa Book Company

Ballroom Marfa and Marfa Book Company will screen, Search Party, featuring eight animations and experimental videos from Finland, Sweden and the USA. The event starts at 8:30pm Sunday, October 30th at Marfa Book Company and is free and open to the public. The show features works by Shana Moulton, Hooliganship and Peter Larsson.

Search Party, curated by current Ballroom Marfa intern Amy Johnson, explores the fantasies that emer...ge as internal psychological and external physical worlds collide. Stylistically many of the videos combine live action with animation constructing unique visions of parallel realities.

Artists include Shana Moulton who has exhibited her series Whispering Pines internationally at PS1, Performa and TBA. Hooliganship is known for their animation compilations Cartune Xpres and multi-media performance tours. And Peter Larsson’s Seven Days in the Woods premiered at the 2011 Berlinale.

Two members of local Marfa band, Solid Waste, Richard Covarrubias and Eric Quintana perform in the new video by James Maher. Maher was production designer for Meredith Danluck’s film North of South, West of East featured in Ballroom Marfa’s current exhibition AutoBody, on view through January 29, 2012.

Curator Amy Johnson will be showing her animation Sing Siren Song and she was the editor and production designer for JuliACK’s 16mm Finnish-American film Invisble Forces.

Print on the Nose Oct 2-30
Stockholm, Sweden Swopart Gallery
Curated by Anna Ekholm and Peter Larsson

Opening night Sunday Oct 2nd 5-10pm.

MSHR (US) http://mshr.info/
Sporay (US) http://sporayband.com/

October 2 - 30, 2011
Opening hours Sat-Sun 15-19pm

An international group show showing 20 artists from USA, Canada and Sweden, exploring the underground art scene verging towards zines and screen prints. The Print on The Nose limited edition zine with screen printed artwork from participating artists will also be released on the opening.

Andrea Wan Brent Wadden Ben Jaques Robb Jamieson

Molly Colleen Oconnell Cari Vander Yacht Brenna Murphy Birch Cooper Juliacks

Hanna Andersson Josefin Carlén & Elin Nilsson Anna Ekholm Maryam Fanni Peter Larsson Joakim Ojanen Anton Wireaus Finn Öhlund & Rune Andersson Emelie Östergren Lars Nilsson
More info : info@annaekholm.com, 0732512595 or pete.larsson@gmail.com
The Sweet Spot SEPT 16-18
Helsinki Comics Festival
Juliacks will be at the Helsinki Comics Festival with her books, "Näkymättömiä Voimia" and "Swell" as well as original prints and things. She will be sharing a table with Bipede.

Juliacks will be talking on the panel, "International Small Press Comics" at the fest from 13-14 o'clock on Saturday Sept 17.

Invisible Sunglasses AUG 20, 2011
7 p.m., Synchronicity Space, Los Angeles! 713 N. Heliotrope, Los Angeles
Invisible Sunglasses LA
The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom-Sweden with Juliacks and an international crew make a fact based seminar, hands on workshop and fantastical film shoot-July 7 and 8, 2011 at Almedalen Week. Come Participate in a workshop where you will learn, create and perform in the context of the Almedalen week and the fictional film, "The Infinite Whistle."Look out for more info about this feature film soon! For more information go to event page!

JUN 4, 2011

After four years-the graphic art novel, Swell is completed and printed in an edition of 110 copies!

The covers were printed at the Grudes Museum in Stockholm on one of the last stone lithography mass printers in existence. See some video footage here!

The interior pages are silkscreened. The book is hand made-each one unique. See more images of the book here!

Thank you to Maria Lindström, Elisabeth Odman, the project program at the Royal Art Institute (Meijan) in Stockholm, and Peter Cleary! I couldn't have done it without you!

If you would like to order a copy please email me!


JUNE 1, 2011 be weakness : laat ben zwakte
19:30-22:30, Delicatessen Zeeburg, Amsterdam! Sumatrastraat 32, Zeeburg Amsterdam :: 4 euros


Screening featuring works by: Adel Abidin, Bjorn Melhus, Eileen Maxson, Flo Kasearu, Ben Kinsley, Bbffaeaetddup, Anna-Karin Rasmusson, Juliacks & co.

Performances by Leo Divendal, Melissa Cisneros, Anna-Karin Rasmussen and Juliacks.

This tour features the parallel film and comic-art-book, Näkymättömiä Voimia-Invisible Forces. In each place Juliacks creates a show that is specific to each place creating a multimedia intercultural confluence of music, performance, film and comics.

About this show: The dynamics of power and force are a constant in our lives while strength and stability are valued.

What are the power dynamics in the self, between two people...then in a wider scale in our society and between countries?



MAY 27-DEC 11, 2011 V I D E O R O V E R
NURTUREart Gallery 910 Grand Street Brooklyn, NY

NURTUREart Non-Profit is pleased to present VIDEOROVER: Season II, the second installment of its semi-annual video series. During a one night event (on Friday, May 27 at 8 PM,) all of the videos selected for Season II will premier at an official screening at NURTUREart Gallery. The videos will play in this set up during regular open hours on the following day – May 28, before moving to the project room where they will be played... on rotation for the rest of the exhibition.

VIDEOROVER: Season II is curated by Rachel Steinberg and features artists:
Fatima Al Qadiri + Lyndsy Welgos, Cecilia Bonilla, Juan Pablo Echeverri, Derek Larson, Dana Levy, Pernille With Madsen, Colin Snapp and JULIACKS.

May 4-20 Konst by The Book Exhibition at the Kulturhuset
A book need not be a collection of pages between two covers. A book can climbing the walls. reflected in a window, stand or be hung from the ceiling. The exhibition ART BY THE BOOK displays works by students and teachers at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

Exhibition period 4 to 20 May 2011 Library plattan, Kulturhuset, Sergelstorg.

Participants: Lott Alfreds, Bjorn Larsson, Sannah Salameh, Gustaf Londres, Peter Cleary, Juliacks, Dominique Fleury, Maria Lindstrom, Idun Baltzersen, Sookyoung Huh, Cecilie Meng Sørensen and Tamara Henderson.

May 5-8 Small Press Expo at Kulturhuset-

Juliacks Exhibiting May 7th and 8th -come visit!




Ptarmigan and Juliacks Present

at new space at Toom-Kooli 13 Tallinn, Estonia. 7:30pm - 11:30pm

Moving Images by: Olga & Priit Pärn, Veiko Õunpuu, Johannes Nyholm, Juhani Koivumäki, Lilli Carre, Hooliganship and Juliacks.

Performances by: Queen Naive, Sari TM Kivinen, Dinosauruxia.





APR 9 Helsinki Premier of Näkymättömiä Voimia:: Invisible Forces 14:30
Also showing films by Riikka Kuoppala, Amy Johnson & Emilia Lagk, Jari Vaara, Peter Larsson, Hanna Marno & Leena Vahelainen.

Follow up reception: Invisible Prom 18:30-22:00 at Oksasenkatu 11
featuring Jone Takamäki, Dinosauruxia, Lapin, Julia Bondesson, Tuuli Tubin, Sari Kivinen, Katariina Myllari, Katri Inkeri!

MAR 23-APR 1Black Box Cinema Performance Installation of Invisible Forces at KKH in Stockholm, Sweden.
Weekdays after 17:30
Weekends 12:00-18:00 Mints and cones provided.
free of course. ONLY 2 PEOPLE PER SCREENING..See images of this piece here.



FEB 25 Performance at Arclight Studios in Stockholm

MAR 5 & 6 Swell Performance at Culture Project’s Women Center Stage Festival directed by Amshoff in NYC.

MAR 23- APR 3 Solo Show at BlackBox at Meijan in Stockholm








USA Premier of books: INVISIBLE FORCES and SWELL.



Kathleen Amshoff and I present KOMIXBLENDER

For more information go to www.thewildproject.com







2010-2011 Program for Professional Artist's Development at the Kungl. Konsthögskolan (Royal Art Institute) in Stockholm.

Sept 11-13 Helsinki Comics Festival:::

Kutikuti Comics Newspaper Issue # 17 Out::







Summer of 2010: In North America

Bound & Gagged Exhibit and Book Release!

September 3rd at Secret Headquarters Bookshop in Los Angeles

Featuring the works of: Andrice Arp, Marc Bell, Elijah J. Brubaker, Shawn Cheng, Chris C. Cilla, Michael DeForge, Kim Deitch, J. T. Dockery, Theo Ellsworth, Austin English, Eamon Espey, Robert Goodin, Julia Gfrörer, Levon Jihanian, Juliacks, Kaz, David King, Tom Neely, Anders Nilsen, Scot Nobles, Jason Overby, John Porcellino, Jesse Reklaw, Tim Root, Zak Sally, Gabby Schulz, Josh Simmons, Ryan Standfest, Kaz Strzepek, Matthew Thurber, Noah Van Sciver, Dylan Williams, Chris Wright.

Curated by Tom Neely.




Summer of 2010: In North America


Friday - June 25. SCREENING AT 9pm SHARP!

Show Cave - 3501 Eagle Rock Blvd, 90065


Have you found yourself in a dark wood? Has the clear path been lost? Do you have a dead fish in your hand? If so then HELP ME HELP YOU at Goat Helper: Volume 1!

This LIVE screening of experimental video art and animation is framed within a performance including: light installation, live video, goat themed food art, costumed “Helpers”, and of course Oreo the beloved pygmy goat. In an era where one can gorge themselves on video art at home, Goat Helper is an event worth leaving the house for.

Curated by Ben Bigelow & Michael Mallis
VIDEOS BY: Jacob Ciocci & Shana Moulton, John Michael Boling & Javier Morales, Party Food, Owel Eyes & Sylvie Forevver, Mike Jittlov, Jon Clark, Michelle Fried
Jesse Hulcher, Easy Does It (Ben Bigelow and Maxfield Hegedus), Michael (Mallis/Pisano), Matt Barton, Nathan Cann
Juliacks (with Innertube Productions,) David Hanes,
Michael McParlane & Scott Andrew, and the late and great
Art Clokey (Creator of Gumby)

Performers: Laura Miller, Sal Farina, Anya Weitzman
Jack Meade, and of course Oreo the Pygmy Goat.



2009 - 2010: Fulbright Year in Helsinki, Finland! Project Title: Exploring Psychological and Physical Worlds.

June 12: Moving Through Performance at Performance Studies International Conference www.psi16.com as part of Graduate Student Cabaret. In Toronto!


"We have assembled a roster of student artists who utilize the Cabaret format in its widest sense: a performance salon placing visual art, dance, poetry, video, audio, puppetry, performance, and theater together in front of an audience, in segments ranging from 30 seconds to ten minutes. We use the cabaret form to test the boundaries between theory and practice, to engage with the conference theme Performing Publics, and to stage performances that interrogate the notions of performance, studies, and the international."
- Michelle Liu Carriger

Robert Gill Theatre, University of Toronto 8 p.m.



2009 - 2010: Fulbright Year in Helsinki, Finland! Project Title: Exploring Psychological and Physical Worlds.

April 26-May 7 Pori Live Art Generator:

Open Invitation to move and make actions for film, Invisible Forces.






2009 - 2010: Fulbright Year in Helsinki, Finland! Project Title: Exploring Psychological and Physical Worlds.

Feb 23: Music-Visual-Dance Performance at the Deaconess Institute with Kirsi Heimonen and Melanie Lahti!

First performance of many!


Mar 3: Konstfack Seminarie : ATAK in Stockholm, Sweden! Lecture Comics Performance? We'll seee.







2009 - 2010: Fulbright Year in Helsinki, Finland! Project Title: Exploring Psychological and Physical Worlds.

MUU Gallerie Performance Night- Mon Feb 8
Imaginary Playground
A group performance and live installation::


Suvadeep Das (India)
Christina Georgiou (Cyprus)
Sari TM Kivinen (Australia)
Katariina Mylläri (Finland)
Ilka Theurich (Germany)
Tuuli Tubin (Estonia)

To the right is a page from the upcoming comic, film and installations: Invisible Forces






2009 - 2010: Fulbright Year in Helsinki, Finland! Project Title: Exploring Psychological and Physical Worlds.

Dec 11: Skype Performance at LIL BITCHES AND MARK ASS HOES in NYC. Curated by Victor Cayro.





2009 - 2010: Fulbright Year in Helsinki, Finland! Project Title: Exploring Psychological and Physical Worlds.

Dec 1-3, 2009:

The Theatre Academy Helsinki presents the
Nights of Live Art - Performance Cabaret

the artists are:

Suvadeep Das (India)
Christina Georgiou (Cyprus)
Sari TM Kivinen (Australia)
Katariina Mylläri (Finland)
Ilka Theurich (Germany)
Tuuli Tubin (Estonia)

Master of Ceremony: Annette Arlander (Finland)

at the 1., 2. and 3. of December 2009
from 18:30-21:30
in the Theatre Academy Helsinki, Studio 3, Haapaniemenkatu 6

Tickets 0400792005
daily (Mon-Fri) 1 p.m.- 4 p.m.
Theatre Academy Helsinki
Ticket Office: Haapaniemenkatu 6
and one hour before the performance starts.
Reserved tickets must be collected one hour before the performance.


'Move Through' positions the audience to use their imagination to sense loss through fantasy, fiction and reality. Together-audience and Juliacks will create a safe space where participants are welcome to share their experiences and contemplate the unknown.

2009 - 2010: Fulbright Year in Helsinki, Finland! Project Title: Exploring Psychological and Physical Worlds.

October 31st: Candles n' Conversations

With the permission of the cemetery director, Ari Pipatti, and with the help of my Finnish friend Saara Ratilainen we respected the changing of the seasons and the ones that have passed.

In the midst of the All Saints Day holiday tradition of people bringing candles to the graves of relatives, I provided the means to make hand sculpted candles out of soft wax for free as a way to start a conversation.

I learned about how cemetery visitors felt and what the holiday means to people who go to the cemetery and sometimes who they were remembering.

Documentation by Kate Fox

Production manager: Addison Kemp

Look out for a video coming soon!


2009 - 2010: Fulbright Year in Helsinki, Finland! Project Title: Exploring Psychological and Physical Worlds.

October 16th: American Voices Seminar in Turku, Finland.

My topic: Loss and American Folk Art

To the right are a few of the clips I showed.

You can view the presentation text here.




2009 - 2010: Fulbright Year in Helsinki, Finland! Project Title: Exploring Psychological and Physical Worlds.

October 4th: Swell play reading in Lappland.

Fellow Fulbrighters and I traveled to Kilpisjarvi in Finland. There, we found a beautiful barren landscape.

I have just finished the script for the play, "Swell." and we did a reading of it in this amazing smoke hut.

Each person came to the hut by themselves and took a potato out of my hat. On the potato was a picture of the character that they would read. I then told them about their character, and told them to think of a word or a sound that they associated with loss.

The reading of the play was similar to a passover Seder where we would read the script, but also take breaks to talk about the sounds/words of loss that they thought of, and also to make toasts to death, to life, to them, to the fire, and to the unconscious.

This preliminary reading is being developed into a performance for the Night of Live Art at the Theater Academy in Finland December 2nd-4th and in Pori, Finland on December 5th.

Photos by Alicia Viani.



2009 - 2010: Fulbright Year in Helsinki, Finland! Project Title: Exploring Psychological and Physical Worlds.

October 1st: Musical and live drawing performance at a hospice in Helsinki.

Fellow Fulbrighter-Melanie Lahti and I performed at a Hospice where she played Bach on the clarinet and I drew live with an overhead projector. The main point was to not provoke or disturb the patients and provide a pleasant experience.

This experience taught me that the Finnish/English language barrier should be addressed as the goals of the performance may not be achieved without linguistic understanding.



2009 - 2010: Fulbright Year in Helsinki, Finland! Project Title: Exploring Psychological and Physical Worlds.

September 23-26th Visiting the ANTI FESTIVAL in Kuopio with Live Art Masters students.

Also-questions I am thinking about..please respond if you want to answer them:

What do Finnish people dream about death?

Have you ever seen a dead body?

What fantasies, myths and visions do Finnish people engage with to deal with death?

When you die, how do you want your body to be treated?

Would you ever invent a death ritual?

Do you believe in Ghosts, Spirits, Angels, God?

How do you respond to flesh? Blood? Sickness? Fluids?

Have you ever killed something? A machine? A person? An animal?

How will Finnish people react when encountering death or grief?

Do you believe in the spectrum of the unconscious being analogous to the spectrum of light?

How do you react to someone you know having died or dying?

How do you want to die?

Do you believe in fairytales, myths, the sun, the infinite universe?

What kind of funeral do you want?

Silence, solitude, what senses, what social settings are appropriate when respecting the dead in Finland?

What do you think will happen to you after you die?



2009 - 2010: Fulbright Year in Helsinki, Finland! Project Title: Exploring Psychological and Physical Worlds.

September 12th & 13th: Helsinki Comic Festival

Emelie Östergren and I are exhibiting together at the festival. We have created 'The Sweet Spot' next to our table.

The Sweet Spot is a drawing space, a place for conversations with masks, portraiture, and visions of loss.

You can see Emelie Ostegren with stuff for festival on tram pictured on the right side.




2009 - 2010: Fulbright Year in Helsinki, Finland! Project Title: Exploring Psychological and Physical Worlds.

While collaborating with Finnish artists, I will be creating a series of site-specific performances and performances in fabricated environments derived from comics, that filmed will create a narrative about a Finnish woman's inner and exterior worlds.

In addition, I will be studying at the Theater Academy in Finland in the masters program of Live Art and Performance Studies.

I will also be assisting the art therapist, Eungyung Kim.

Keep a look out for more information and soon-weekly comics.

The image to the right is taken from The Early Tremors of Rody Plane..a book I plan to continue working on while I'm in Finland.......



July 31st: Animation and Video Art Screening at Synchronicity in Los Angeles curated by Ben Bigelow. Below is a still from the Animation by Amy Johnson and I...

other artists in the show include: Ben Bigelow Paper Rad Lilli Carre Santiago Vernetti Steve Bishop Suzie Silver + Hillary Harp Hooliganship + Cassandra C Jones Gregory Witt Michael Mallis Matthew Thurber + Rebecca Bird Mike Pisano Chris Cornwell Eileen Maxson Hazel Hill Alexis Gideon e*rock (Eric Mast) Souther Salazar Jesse Hulcher



June 16th-July 18th: F.I.N.E. Artist Residency at the Children's Museum in Pittsburgh with Amy Johnson. We created the interactive installation, The Library of Imagined Memories where
participants provoked their imaginations and resurrected their memories through donning creativity jackets and magic spectacles,
painting secret images that only they could see, recording memories with a crystal ball of the past and making a time capsule out of an abandoned book for the library collection. We investigated the creative act of imagining and remembering.



Mocca Festival and Future Ink Show in Brooklyn June 2009!


BQE Gallery Opening

Los Angeles based artist Olga Volozova and I are working on a comic book that will be published in June by Sparkplug Comics.

Rock That Never Sleeps is premiering at MOCCA festival June 6th and 7th. There is a book signing at Giant Robot New York on June 6th.



The Early Tremors of Rody Plane is being published as part of Jon Brodsky's curated book, The Flying Destructicate which is produced by the incredible book collective Encyclopedia Destructica.

The book is being released January 31st at the Miller Gallery in Pittsburgh. You can order copies here.



I made a one page comic for the magazine, "Magazine" of the Wham City collective from Baltimore...

This comic is a preview of the upcoming performance installation, "Tomb and The Merging of the Deathless," that I am working on with Director Kathleen Amshoff.

I'm not sure when it is being published, but I will give heads up when it is!


I will be at the Small Press Expo October 4th and 5th premiering Swell Part Two, a DVD of my performance works, performance detritus, and much more!

SWELL is nominated for an IGNATZ Award for Outstanding Mini Comic!

I will also be on a panel that features artists who use the page as a canvas!

Sylvania Exhibit

Sylvania Exhibitalso Jim Lingo!