JULIACKS   Project :: Thee Coyote: Antelope Eater 2007
                          A collaboration with Ben Bigelow


Thee Coyote consists of the comic/performance artist Juliacks and Ben Bigelow, an art-magician specializing in electronic media and kinetic sculpture.

"Antelope Eater" on display is a fantastical narrative about Andy Yak, a young man struggling with the decay of his mother who has multiple sclerosis. When his life becomes too much to handle, he slips into a fantasy world. Through escaping into the fantasy realm Andy Yak must deal with his reality.

The story is told through electronic music, kinetic sculpture, performance, video and comics.

The mini comic on display acts as a playbill for the performance. Each component of the project feeds the other for a fuller understanding and richer experience. Part of the proceeds of the comic go toward Stemcell research which can potentially help cure diseases like Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinsons Disease.
Excerpt of Thee Coyote: Antelope Eater Performance for Video

Antelope Eater Performance