The Infinite Whistle Series, is a series of short films that are works in progress, videos and performances about group dynamics, and the construction of conflict and fantasy.

This current body of work is based around examining the role of documentation in performance art and emphasizing its fiction through creating performances that are film shoots. These film shoots/sound scores are participative performances involving the audience examining consent, control, totalitarianism and collaboration. These performances are subjective and inaccurate social psychology experiments.

Globally shot, each film is reconstructed with sound score performance events with musicians from its home country. The results are disjointed, collaborative films portraying fragmentary narratives.

This series of shorts is shot in different places in the world with a three stage system.
Stage One: Film Shoot Performance +/- Workshops
Stage Two: Sound Score Performance with musicians from the place and a live audience.
Stage Three: Edit the layers together to find a third meaning. Present it to the place it was made in person and/or via the internet and to others.

They are movements and librettos-all connected to the icon The Infinite Whistle- a sculptural instrument that comes to life in the form of a different person from each place.

Investigating place with the knowledge that ‘authentically’ portraying a place is a fallacy, the subject of this series is the construction of conflict and place. The method of finding the story for each place is through having conversations, working in cooperation and collaboration, working within economic limits, uncovering private/public spaces and serendipity.

The continuous element is the personified icon, “The Infinite Whistle,” a character inspired by the ancient sculpture of the Venus of Willendorf, ancient clay whistles and performance work from the 1970’s such of Ana Mendieta and Carolee Schneeman. In each film this character takes the semiotics of comics icons as a means to transfer the identity of the character to a different person from each place.

Conflict, the questions of global identity politics, and the economic crisis drive the series.

The budget of each film so far is from 50 USD - 2000 USD depending upon the circumstances, with thanks to many collaborators, organisations and enthusiasts.