JULIACKS  Project :: Rock That Never Sleeps 2009

Rock That Never Sleeps
The Library of Imagined Memories
Drawn Animation



by Olga Volozova & Juliacks

36 pages | 9" x 6" | published by Sparkplug Comic Books

Rock That Never Sleeps is part folk tale and part science fiction. This futuristic comic book is set in a California desert ghost town. The town, Rock That Never Sleeps, is a sprawling junkyard "where objects are thrown away and where memories live on forever." In this world, all have lost their memory and the only way to remember something is through an object. In the story, two families of sages from the past and the future travel to this town to search for the memories they have lost. With the help of discarded keys, plastic forks, and wooden puppets the characters access their forgotten past-and are able to pass on.

by Amy Johnson & Juliacks

F.I.N.E. Artist Residency Project at The Children's Museum of Pittsburgh. June 18-July 16, 2009.

"Welcome to the Library of Imagined Memories! This is a place where you will provoke your imagination and delve into your memories to make a time capsule!"

As part of our interactive installation, participants donned creativity jackets and magic spectacles, painted secret images that only they could see, recorded memories with a crystal ball of the past and made a time capsule out of an abandoned book for the library collection.

We learned with museum goers how both imagining and remembering are creative acts.

Written by Juliacks.

Created by Amy Johnson and Juliacks.

Derived from both the comic book, Rock That Never Sleeps and audio and visual researches at the Library of Imagined Memories, we explored the psychic terrain of Redo in her mental and physical search for identity.

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